Jul 9

Free At Last…


“Free At Last”

Today I completed another painting.¬† Now I am left with three paintings to complete before the end of the month.¬† I checked out several audio books from the library to listen to while I paint.¬† I love listening to audio books they are quite entertaining during the creative process.¬† So far I have listened to two books over the past few days; “The Senator’s Wife by Sue Miller and “The Brethren” by Beverly Lewis.¬† I am now listening to “Buckingham Palace Gardens” by¬† Anne Perry.

The above abstract painting “Free At Last” illustrates four colorful figures dancing and rejoicing in the discovery of their new found FREEDOM.¬† The freedom of choice.¬† Freedom to live as we desire to live and to love whom we will.¬† Freedom to express, be and become and the “BIGGY” freedom from fear and limitations of every kind.¬† Freedom to be ME…

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