Jul 9

Head in the Clouds…


“Cloud 9”

I spent the day inside and I completed 1 out of 5 paintings that are due before the end of the month.┬á I am working to complete a mini-series of paintings that I began in 2006.┬á The series title is called “Cloud 9” I have exhibited pieces from this incomplete series on a number of occasions.┬á The title came from the euphoric feeling I felt; like floating on a cloud, the first time I had an offer to show my work at the Black Fine Art Show in New York.┬á In the first “Cloud 9” painting the image floated in the center of the canvas with a white textured background, like a cloud floating in the sky.┬á This was a complete┬á deviation from my usual style which consisted of the entire image being wrapped around the canvas.┬á This will also be the theme for my September exhibition at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

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