Jul 25

Go take a hike!

The phrase “go take a hike” has added new meaning to my life these days.¬† Upon my first hiking experience in Sedona, AZ I knew that I was hooked.¬† It is such a euphoric experience reaching your highest destination.¬† On Friday, July 24th I decided to “go take a hike”.¬† The safest thing for me to do hiking alone was to follow a short but high traffic trail, .3 miles (oneway) and the trail head elevation was 7225ft and the highest point was 7400ft.¬† Nonetheless, my greatest desire was to challenge myself and follow a 1 mile trail (oneway) starting at¬† 6785ft and the highest point at 7200ft.¬† So I did it!¬† My fears began to kick in about .25 miles into the trail.¬† The thought of being out here alone began to frighten me but I was determined to keep going.¬† This turned out to be a very good decision.¬† I met young woman, Nicole, an African American female and here two children along the path.¬† We had come to the same resting place with the most magnificent view at the end of the trail.¬† We conversed a bit and she informed me that they were going up a bit further to another high point.¬† She pointed me to toward the direction of their destination and I said, WOW!¬† She said, “It’s an even greater view of the city” and she invited me along.¬† This was an unofficial path and she had come here several times before. ¬† When we arrived the view was frighteningly beautiful and my knees felt weak.¬† It was one of the most amazing sites I had ever seen.¬† We sat there for a short while and the kids consumed their snacks and drinks while their mom photographed them.¬† There was not an ounce of fear in either of them while they moved about.¬† Hiking alone is never recommended and I am well aware of this, however, on July 24th God sent me a guardian angel and two little warriors.¬† I was safe and I believe that I may have also made a friend that day.¬† Thank you, GOD!

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