Jul 22


SOLD-Funky Wild Flowers 13x25

SOLD-Funky Wild Flowers 13x25

I feel like I am making progress.┬á I completed the 5th painting last night, officially titled “Funky Wild Flowers” and I mailed it to the National Conference of Artists Michigan Chapter today.┬á They are hosting their 18th Annual Art Party; Summer Sail, at the Habor Hill Marina located at 11000 Freud Street in Detroit on Saturday, July 25, 2009.┬á I also shipped out several of my digital prints from the “Love the Shoes you’re in” collection, to the Art Rages Gallery located in Downtown Detroit.┬á They also carry several of my collectible elephants.┬á I’m starting to feel somewhat relieved that this big push to meet my end of month deadline is slowly coming to an end.┬á I have two more paintings to complete before the end of the July.

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